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Hi! I’m Georgia Brady.

I’m here to help you with your social media marketing. Discover how we can work together to Elevey the power in your marketing.

Eleveying Your Social Media Numbers

How I Can Help You

The services I provide designed to elevate your financial management and unlock your business’s full potential.
strategy development

Strategy Development

Start your journey with two one-hour strategy sessions. These sessions are designed to maximize idea development and create a clear roadmap for your first month.
Two 1-Hour Meetings: Held no more than two weeks apart to keep the momentum going.
First-Month Goals: Walk away with clearly defined objectives for your initial month.
content creation

Content Creation

Dive into a month full of specialized content that aligns with your brand and attracts your target audience.
Platform-Specific Posts: 3-5 tailored posts per week for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.
Audience Targeting: Content specifically created to engage your desired audience.
monthly reviews

1.5 Hour meetings

Measure your success and adjust your strategy with our in-depth monthly review meetings.
1.5-Hour Meetings: Review analytics, assess strategy, and plan for the next month.
Actionable Insights: Walk away with clear next steps to continuously optimize your social media performance.
power up your presence with monthly accountability

Power Up Your Presence With Monthly Accountability

Look at me as your agony aunt for any of your social media worries! Let me answer any of your burning social media questions when you need.

You could…
Review and create content and posts aligned to your business with me.
Being able to review your social media strategy with me
Look at your social media profiles together and optimise them!
the strength in your social media strategy

The Strength In Your Social Media Strategy

Join me on the last Thursday of every month from 17:30 – 19:00 GMT to plan and create a sustainable strategy!

We will be creating…
Creating a sustainable strategy
How many times a week will you be posting
Generating ideas aimed at your target audience
Exploring the art of repetition when talking about our products
Creating a sustainable engagement strategy
Creating a community around you to support, recommend and ultimately buy your product/services
Helping to get in front of an audience you haven’t before
Q&A Session where you can ask your burning social media questions
paid social media advertising

Paid Social Media Advertising

Sometimes our organic stuff just needs a bit of a push! The world of paid advertising isn’t as scary as you think and can be just what you need to get yourself in front of a dazzling new audience.

Well, what does paid social media advertising look like with Elevey?
1 Hour strategy meeting
Creation of the ad
I will be checking the ad regularly to see what is happening with the statistics but also checking in with you to see how you are feeling!
Where needed I can make amendments to the ad.
We will completely change the ad every couple of months or where necessary.

Work With Me

Here’s how we can work together to navigate your path of sustainable profit and growth.
social media managemnet

Social Media Managemnet

Experience full-spectrum monthly social media management that encompasses everything to elevate your marketing.
Comprehensive Onboarding
Monthly Content Creation & Engagement
In-depth Monthly Reviews
monthly facebook and instagram ad support

Monthly Facebook and Instagram Ad Support

Every business requires a unique advertising approach to reach its audience effectively. Georgia is here to help you navigate the complexities of digital ads on Facebook and Instagram:
Goal creation for the outcome of the ads
Analysis of the audience for the ad
Creation of content
Review of ads and meetings to change accordingly what needed


Explore my range of courses, books and other resources to help you master your finances and take your business to new heights.

Social Media Strategy Planner

Get started on improving your social media presence with Georgia’s Social Media Strategy Planner.

This straightforward, downloadable PDF guide offers the essentials you need to get your social media efforts off the ground.
social media strategy planner

Not sure how to elevate your social media presence?

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